Louis I Kahn
"You can never learn anything that is not a part of yourself."

Louis I Kahn is considered to be one of the great master builders of our time. This is an educational compilation of his work.
 F  A  C  T  S

B a c k g r o u n d   T i m e l i n e

  • 1901: Born in Osel, Estonia 
  • 1905: Came to Philidelphia, USA 
  • 1928: Studied classical architecture in Europe 
  • 1937-1939: Participated in Public Housing Projects 
  • 1947: Taught at Yale Univ. 
  • 1955: Taught at Univ. of Pennsylvania 
  • 1965: F.A.I.A. Medal of Honor Danish Architectural Association, 
  • 1971: Gold Medal, A.I.A., 
  • 1972: Royal Gold Medal for Architecture, R.I.B.A., 

  • 1974: Passed away 
F a m o u s   S t r u c t u r e s 
S t r u c t u r e s Year Location
Yale Univ. Art Gallery 1951-53 New Haven, Connecticut
Newton Richards Medical Research Building 1957-65 Philidelphia, Pennsylvania
First Unitarian Church and School 1959-69 Rochester New York
Salk Institute for Biological Studies 1959-65 La Jolla, California
Philip Exeter Academy Library 1965-72 Exeter, New Hampshir
Kimbell Art Museum 1966-72 Fort Worth, Texas
Sher-E-Bangladesh Nagar: National Capital of Bangladesh Assembly Hall *(completed by D.Wisdom & Associates) 1962-83 Daka, Bangladesh
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